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Mad Max Fury Road 2015

 Mad Max: Fury Road is oriented production, is a post-apocalyptic action movie of co_written 2015 Australia by George Miller. Fourth film of the first film of the franchise in the franchise and 30 years of mirror Mad Max of, Fury Road, the exchange of Mel Gibson in the title role, Tom Hardy will be starring as Mad Max Rockatansky. In addition, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, and Hugh Keays · burn star.

The film gasoline and water cult leader Immortan Joe Keays burn and Max (Hardy) and rare commodity combined Furiosa Theron and power of Imperator in order to escape from his troops in armored tank truck that leads to is, set to the wasteland of the future of the desert it is are not you long road battle. The film, had a world premiere in May 7, 2015 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. This, including the out-of-competition screening at the 68th Cannes Film Festival, launched a wide theatrical release on May 14, 2015. Critics, the acting for film, has been acclaimed screenplay, action sequences, stunts, and direction.


After the nuclear war, the world has become a wasteland of desert, civilization has collapsed. Max, survivors, war boy, it is captured by the army of tyranny Immortan Joe, has been taken to the Citadel of Joe. Specify a universal blood donor, Max is imprisoned, it has been used as a "blood bag" for the war Boy nuts of illness. On the other hand, Imperator Furiosa, in order to collect the gasoline, to drive her armored truck. If Furiosa to drive the off-route, breeding that Joe has been selected for his five wives, women, have realized that the missing have been. Joe is called to aid and Brett farm near Gastown, is leading his entire army in pursuit of Furiosa.

Nuts to join the military and strapped in his car to Max continues to supply the blood. The fight takes place in between the track and the Joe forces. Furiosa is nuts to try to sacrifice myself in order to destroy the track, except, to avoid her pursuers, and drive to a storm of sand. Max to escape, but to constrain the nuts, the car will be destroyed. Angharad, possible, Cheedo, toast, and Doug: After the storm, Max Furiosa have a look at the repair of with her track, his wife. Max, to steal the truck, the kill switch is disabled. Max reluctantly Furiosa and his wife agree to be accompany him, nuts will return to Joe.

Furiosa has agreed to replace the gasoline for the passage to be driven through the territory of the biker gang in a narrow valley. However, Furiosa while exploding the walls of the canyon to the force of the jaws is approaching behind, and bikers to block the path of Joe escaped. Max and Furiosa dodge pursuit biker, but the vehicle of Joe repel the blockade, I will attack the track. NUX board track Joe is trying to stop the Furiosa. Furiosa but flee, Angharad, wife pregnant heavy jaw, her and killed her children, to fall from the track has been run over by a car of Joe. Furiosa is, they are "Green Place", she explains to the maximum that you have run away to a place where you are remembered from her youth. Possible to find hidden aboard the nuts track, after he realized by distraught over the failure of Joe, you comfort him. In the evening, the track is stuck in the mud. Although Furiosa and Max to slow the power of Joe with explosives, ally of Joe, Brett Farmer, it has been pursuing the track. Furiosa can shoot a bullet of farmers, tree nuts while blindness helps free track. Max is back with a gun and ammunition, and walk to the dark in order to confront the bullet farmer and his men.

As a separator of dawn, the track, finally come across naked women, and move through the swamp and desert. Max, but suspect a trap, Furiosa, left the track, says the alliance of her original family. Women recognizes that Furiosa is kidnapped in with her mother as a child, it is a member of the clan, her group, will summon. Furiosa, the wetlands they have passed we are distraught to learn that the current, was a crusty green location. Group, agrees to ride a very bike huge salt was hoping to find somewhere to live. Max was chosen to stay behind, after seeing a vision of his dead daughter, he is enough water and green Joe biker 'canyon to maintain for myself, trap Joe and his army and then convince them to return to the Citadel you have.

Group will start the journey to the back Citadel. These are, Joe and Furiosa has been attacked by some wounded gravely. Max Joe while fighting the son of the open mouth of Joe, to place his car in front of the truck to slow it down. Toast is captured, it has been put on the car of Joe, she distract him, Furiosa is able to hook the mask of Joe in the rotation wheel of his car, tearing off his face, they will not kill him. NUX is to block the destruction valley the track, kill the open mouth, and Max, Furiosa, the wife that to be able to escape in the car of Joe, you can dedicate yourself to sacrifice. Max transfuses his blood to Furiosa for her to survive the injury.

The Citadel, the citizens of Joe I am delighted to see the corpse of Joe. Furiosa and his wife have raised children war Boys lift, Max remains behind, share a glance and Furiosa before disappearing into the crowd.



Development ofFourth film plan of the Mad Max series, the hit to financial difficulties, the project has spent a few years in "development hell". He idea for the fourth times when I was walking at the intersection of Los Angeles, occurred mirror in August 1998. After about one year, while traveling from Los Angeles to Australia, the idea was united. Mr. Miller, "there is no violent predators, the oil or material goods, for the sake of human beings, through the initiative. The film 20th Century Fox of the story that has been fought, but was set to shoot in 2001, the same year It collapsed against deferred Was. American dollar Australian dollar reasons 9.11, our budget is increasing rapidly, the mirror, because he it was a small window that was ready, Happy Feet He said you had to move to. Mel Gibson, people starred in the original three previous movies, was also set to play his role as a hero. the role of the mirror is controversy surrounding the reason Gibson Re-casting, as he Max warrior of the same modern,. mirror that was up because I wanted to transition at a young age, written for the fourth film, which announced that the script in 2003, the pre-production had was in the early stages. This project in May 2003, it gave the green light for $ 100 million to start shooting in Australia budget, because there is a Mad Max 4, the activities of security Many countries have been the United States and the others go into hibernation, so had to tighten the travel and shipping restrictions, concerns related to trying to film in Namibia. It was considered a potentially politically sensitive film at the outbreak of the Iraq war as, Mad Max 4, has been abandoned. Although Gibson had been cast to return as the largest, after the production has been canceled, he has lost interest.

Director George Miller, announced that the script has been written for the fourth film in 2003, pre-production was in the early stages.In November 2006, the mirror, he is the Fury Road The states that are intended to be carried out, and the real hope that there is thought to doing the film without Gibson. The last thing I wanted to do, but is another Mad Max, this script came along, I will not go completely away from it. Screenplay of this movie, was a co-author of the new design cult a lot of character and auto British comic creator Brendan McCarthy, and. Miller has confirmed his intention to again make another Mad Max in 2007 Aurora film maker initiative. However, he Gibson has said he thought it would be not interested in the era of the movie for him. Heath Ledger, according to reports, he is before you died in the combined drug addiction in 2008, to March 5, 2009, it is R- rated 3D animated film, from anger and was in pre-production, plot of road that were considered for the lead that has been announced that it will take a lot, Gibson, mirror when not in the film, "another route", I'm looking for a "renaissance" of the franchise It was. Miller, he has cited the film Akira as inspiration for what I want to do in the franchise. Miller is also, along with the God of the second World War video game designer Cory Barlog, we had developed a video game in the action adventure Thailand on the basis of the fourth film. Both projects, either the 2011 or 2012 is the release date of the Fury Road was going to be produced at Dr. D Studios, according to the mirror, to two and a half years to take the 2 was expected, Digital Art Studio is established in year 2008 mirror and Doug Mitchell.

On May 18, 2009, it is location scouting, after exploring the possibility of 3D animation film, it has been reported that it was in progress for Mad Max 4, the mirror, taking a 3D live-action film It decided instead to. At this point, production and had been moved to Warner Bros.

In October 2009, it mirrors the main shooting Fury load end the speculation of the year, in early 2011 it was announced that it will start in Broken Hill, New South Wales. This announcement, Gibson is in the speculation about whether or not come back to a maximum of as, drew the attention of a wide range of media in Australia. It also, Charlize Theron, while announcing that it plays a major role in the film, in the same month, British actor Tom Hardy, had been negotiating to take the lead role of Max. Original Mad Max, he is in June 2010 that wonder and I started shooting was announced to Jonathan Ross and Friday night playing the title role, was only 6-week-old Hardy anyone. Furiosa: in July 2010, the mirror to die and the Mad Max Fury Road and Mad Max, I announced plans to shoot back-to-back 2 Mad Max film. Unexpected heavy rain is inappropriate for the look of the movie, is in the lush landscape of wild flowers, after becoming a desert, in November 2011, shooting, has been moved from Namibia of Broken Hill It was.

In an interview in July 2014 at the San Diego Comic-Con International, the mirror, he is in cooperation with 5 storyboard artist, before you write a screenplay, he said the design of the film in storyboard form. This is about 3,500 panel, came out as almost the same number of shots such as the finished film. He, the film is relatively small interact with the nearly continuous Chase, wanted to be, and we first came the video.
To paraphrase the Alfred Hitchcock, the mirror, he is the movie without the use of subtitles, he said that he wanted to be understood in Japan.


The main shooting began in July 2012 in Namibia. Filming was also held in Pottsuhiru and West Sydney in Penrith lake. October 2012, Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers has reported that it has sent the executives to maintain the production on the track. Shooting wrapped in December 17, 2012, it lasted 120 days. In February 2013, the draft that was leaked from the coastal conservation and management group of Namibia, endangering the number of species of plants and animals, has accused the producers of damage parts of the Namib desert. However, Namibia Film Commission, after a visit to the set at the time of manufacture, it was stated that it is not "with" what the reservation. It is "unfair rhetoric" to call the accused, objected to claims reported in the media. In September 2013, the film was announced to undergo reshoots in November 2013.

Seal that came out of retirement in order to shoot the director of photography John Fury Road, and Canon EOS 5DS that equipped with his camera crew, was used as a crash cam, such as the MS of 6 Arnold & Richter Alexa positive and 4 Alexa Olympus PEN E-P5S number of action sequences.

In July 2014, director George Miller has described the film as "a very simple fable, most of the wheels western". Miller told that 90% of the effect was practical. Director stunt coordinator Guy Norris and second unit director, more than 150 of stunt performers, including performers and Olympic athletes of Cirque du Soleil, was responsible. Miller, has invited the playwright Ivuensura so as to function as an on-set adviser. And impressed with the script of depth, what she viewed as a feminist theme, she Namibia to talk to actors on the issue of violence against women, I spent one week.


Mad Max of the lead visual effects company: Fury Road was the delivery Iloura, more effects shots 1,500 for film. Additional visual effects studio law studio working on film, stereo D, there 4DMax, BlackGinger, 3 floor, also Dr. D studio. Film is equivalent to min 13.33 Cut compares the 1200 cut RoadWarrior the 90 minutes of travel time, is equivalent to min 22.5 Cut, the entire travel length, contains about 2,700 cuts. Frame rate, was manipulated to achieve the desired effect. 50 or 60% of such things as the film is a conventional frame rate, it is not running at 24 frames second sealing said. If he did not understand what is happening in the shot, George until it can, because he slowed it, will be executed under the 24 frames. It or if it has been understood too well, whether he wants it short, he I think towards his operation of all of the shot is fierce back 24 in the movie it to speed up.

Wealth effects work is modified lighting and time of day, weather effects, have included exchange of terrain, and the plate composition. The night scene taken in bright sunlight, the color operation, in order to achieve the desired appearance. In many shots, the sky is a digital, was replaced with a more detailed, or interesting sky. Charlize Theron, was wearing a digital her green cover on top of her left arm in order to support the artists of the effect to remove her arm from the scene.

When it which had been scheduled for release in 2012, Weta Digital, had been involved in the original film. The company, production visual effects to be postponed from November start date, 2010, conceptual design, special makeup effects, was supposed to handle the design of the costume.


Main article: Mad Max: Fury Road: Original Soundtrack
Music for Mad Max: Fury Road was written by the Dutch composer Junkie XL. In front of the junkie XL involvement, John Powell and Marco Beltrami was deposited at different times in order to acquire the film. After I heard the score of Junkie XL for 300: the rise of empire, Miller met with Sydney composer. "I get very inspired, and began writing a piece of music for the scene," Junkie XL said. "Initial main theme, to have been written after 4 weeks of its first meeting , you do not have to change their theme. soundtrack album was released by WaterTower music to May 12, 2015


George Miller, Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy will promote the movie at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015.Mad Max: Fury Road, had a world premiere on May 7, 2015 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. On May 14, 2015, it will be screened outside the competition the 68th Cannes Film Festival, was released in theaters on May 15 in 2015 to lead its release, has been re-mastered film to digital IMAX 3D format It was. This has been released to the IMAX theater in select international community on May 13, 2015.

Beginning on May 20, 2015, vertigo, the details, 4 comic book prequel, began inside story for the characters in the release film of the month 1. Mad Max first titled cartoon: Fury Road nuts and Immortan Joe was released on May 20. The first was titled Mad Max Fury Road - Furiosa will be released on June 17. The first, entitled Mad Max: Fury Road - Mad Max # 1, will be released on July 8. Mad Max entitled final sequel comic: Fury Road - Mad Max # 2 will be released on August 5. Mad Max entitled hardcover deluxe edition of technology Collection: Fury Road - Artist Deluxe Edition gained inspired by inspiration in the movie, was released on May 6, 2015.

Home Media

In the Blu-ray release, it will include silent cut of black and white cut film


Received will
At the time of the June 7, 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road is grossed $ 177 million in other areas for the $ 307.8 million worldwide total of for a budget of $ 130.8 million and $ 150 million in North America below.

In the United States and Canada, Mad Max: Fury Road, it is the entire 3702 theater, Friday May 2015, to open a 15, it opened at the same time as pitch perfect 2 earned $ 16.77 million in its first day. This included a $ 3.7 million made from the execution of Thursday night from 3,000 theaters. In the weekend of its opening, the film finished in second at the box office behind the pitch Perfect $ 269.2 million, has grossed $ 45.4 million.

Outside of North America, it won a $ 10.4 million, was opened on May 14 to 12,000 screens in 48 countries. It is a total of $ 24.6 million for two days, won the $ 14.2 million from 16,700 screens in 68 countries, was held in more than 20 countries on May 15. Age of ULTRON: May 17 through (Sunday), and debuted at two behind the Avengers, and had a total of $ 65 million opening weekend from the screen on the 9.1 million or more of hospitalization of nearly 16,900 in 68 countries It was. This is, I went to number one in 40 countries. The best of the opening that is, France ($ 6.1 million), the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta ($ 7 million), Korea ($ 6.6 million), Russia · CIS (600 million), record the in Australia ($ 4.9 million) It was.

Critical response

Mad Max: Fury Road has received a wide range of praise. Review aggregator website, with rotten tomatoes, it is a film and the average score of to 8.7 / 10 based on reviews 260 and 98% of the support rate "certified fresh". Site of consensus "is, Mad an amazing amount of weight of the action and story exhilarating Max: brings a post-apocalyptic franchise roar George Miller back to violently life Fury Road. "You have to evaluate that has been read normalization Metacritic, above, the film indicates" universal acclaim ", based on 47 critics, has a 89 score of 100. CinemaScore polling, movie audience film of the average grade has reported that it was a "B +" of A + to F scale.

Lobby Colin Daily Telegraph gives the film a complete five-star, the acting, screenplay, choreography, stunts, the movie "spiritual sequel" call humor, and direction "the eruption of madness. Wrote for fully guardian from the top you have praised the movie ", out of 5, awarded a 4-star in the film, Peter Bradshaw wrote," luxury confusion, ear splittingly jarring, and, George Miller, -thriller. "New York Times in a post-apocalyptic desert revived his Mad Max punk western part of the franchise as a strange fleet chase action,". mirror not only blockbuster, art, has reminded us that there is likely to be a fundamental foresight -. even four What a lovely day in the series, certainly, "the Forbes Scott Mendelson you wrote, film as the gave the 10/10 star, he wrote "Mad Max: Fury Road is remarkable and glory movie, we not only one of the great action movies of the era of the great and timely film, period not only, and there will "wrap of Alonso Duralde, the original 1979 Mad Max gut bucket Australian exploitation cinema, in the same way as was Citizen Kane of Mad Max", wrote: Fury Road, the well of the drive-in movie It has its roots, which can be the twilight of the gods. West and Miller, who has anger action saga of dare post-apocalyptic road to follow in his tire tread in,. "IGN post Scott Collura to say, out of 10, gave the film 9.2:" over-the-top stunts and the eccentric characters and design are all very important to Fury Road, ... it is, of the effort film because it is more than its own is overridden sense just another action movie, it is the most impressive. "


In 2011, Miller and McCarthy has been detected during the process of writing for those two additional Fury Road that had enough story material for the script. One of them, entitled Mad Max,: Furiosa had already been completed, and Miller said after the release of Fury Road, wanted to shoot it. In March 2015, during an interview with Esquire magazine, Hardy became clear that he was attached to star in the following four Mad Max movie Fury Road. In May 2015, the mirror, the I say, any chance Fury loaded with two other story to success ", he told Wired magazine. Then in May, the largest mirror the next working title and planning of the sequel had been changed was revealed to be a Mad: wasteland.

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