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Rachel Mcadams

November 17 was born of Rachel McAdams Ann, in 1978, it is a Canadian actress. After graduating from the four years of the theater program at New York University in 2001, she first such she worked in Canadian television and film production as drama film Perfect Pie, which is nominated for the Genie Awards, comedy movie, My name is (2002) is Tanino her in order to win a Gemini Award, and the arrow, such as comedy mini-series of the sling and Kate McNeil. In 2002, she has played her Hollywood film debut in the comedy Hot Chick. McAdams is co-starring in the comedy average girl, a romantic drama of the notebook, found fame in 2004. In 2005, she co-starred romantic comedy Wedding Crashers, psychological thriller Red Eye, and in the family comedy-drama Family Stone. She was nominated for BAFTA for praise and best Rising Star by the media such as the new Hollywood.

McAdams, she co-starred in the release film 2 was limited was a film noir marriage and road trip comedy drama luck, make a modest return to work in 2008, the world from 2006 to 2007 I withdrew from the eyes. She returns to the famous in 2009, play the political thriller State, and co-starring romantic drama Time Traveler's wife of science fiction and mystery ction adventure movie Sherlock Holmes,. In 2010, McAdams is, comedy morning glory was billed as her first star vehicle, in and co-star. In 2011, she co-starred in the fantasy romantic comedy Midnight in Paris Woody Allen, her role reprized in the sequel Sherlock Holmes Mystery Action Adventure: the shadow of the game. 2012, she co-starred in the oath of romantic drama. In 2013, McAdams will co-star Wonder, about the erotic thriller passion and time to the romantic comedy drama in the romantic drama. In 2014, she co-starred the man in the recruitment spy thriller A little, in 2015, she all things will co-star in okay and Cameron Crowe romantic comedy of Aloha masu Wim Wenders drama.

Early Life:

McAdams is Sandra Kay, nurses, and Lance Frederick McAdams, the driver and furniture mover of retired truck, London, was born in Ontario, I grew up in nearby St. Thomas. She is one the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales drop McAdams "maternal second great-grandfather, James Gray, after the Saratoga of the fight it was Roy spear Stranger during the American Revolution, and fled to Canada. Mak Adams sister, Kayleen, celebrities, make up artists, with his brother, it is Daniel and the three children of his eldest son. When she is 4 years old, she began figure skating, she for pair skating training You have declined the opportunity to the move to Toronto at the age of nine. And skating has simply become a hobby. She won the regional award, has competed in skating up to 18 years old. She, since it The skating order to be in harmony with her body you are training her, says that they are preparing her for physical action. McAdams is, educated in the public schools of Myrtle Street, Then it was Mashi Central Elgin University Institute. to she did not enjoy the academic, in order to avoid going to school, oftnwould pretend illness. Nevertheless, she was active in student life. volleyball, badminton, in addition to the sports such as soccer, McAdams is to participate in the Crimestoppers program served as the student council, was a member of the support peer the team. She McDonald's during the three years of summer vacation I worked in the restaurant.

McAdams, first developed an interest in her conduct at the time of the 7-year-old, her parents did not stop her, they went out, was not able to find an agent. She took part in both summer camp of Disney and Shakespeare like a child. From the age of 12, McAdams took part in the original Kids Theatre Company, the London production. In the late teens, she has directed the theater production of children. She also won the performance award at the most prominent Sears Ontario Drama Festival, and had been involved in the production of the school stage. She eleventh and twelfth grade, respectively, was inspired by two of her teachers who taught her English and drama. Her English teacher, introduced her to the work of Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell. McAdams, the career as a professional actor, before being persuaded by the teacher of her drama was a viable option, was intended to take the cultural studies of the University of Western Ontario. She enrolled in four-year theater program at New York University, at the University, McAdams, while cooperation with the Toronto-based required Angel Theatre Company, was graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts in honor of DEGEE in 2001.

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