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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Natalie Portman

His first role Jean Renonatari Portman opposite in the 1994 action thriller, actress, producer, director and June 9, was born in 1981, Star Wars sequel trilogy is cast as a mainstream Padmé Amidala Added were successfully. While enrolled in Harvard University, in 1999, he also worked as an actress in order to study psychology. In 2003 he completed a bachelor's degree.

In 2001, Portman Chekhovs Seagull Anton, was opened to the Public Theater production of New York. In 2005, Portman, to get the nomination of the Academy Award was awarded the Golden Globe Award as Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in the drama. The V for Vendetta for the best actress of the role of her starring in the Star Award for the political thriller best female performance he was awarded the Saturn Award. Historical drama Goya's Ghosts, it played an important role in the competition of the other Boleyn girl.65th Venice International Film Festival of shorts that you have open. Drawn to Jane Foster of the movie in tall as, love interest of Marvel superhero Thor, middle and Portman, it is famous for its conclusion.

In 2010, Portman has starred in the psychological horror film Black Swan. His performance, won a wide range of critical acclaim, her first Academy Award for best actress, the second Golden Globe Award for her ? 2011, SAG Award, BAFTA Award, the BFCA Award It was awarded.

Early Life:

Portman was born in Jerusalem. She Shelley, American housewife, which acts as Portmans agent, and Avner Hershlag, is the only child of Israeli citizens is an expert and gynecologist of infertility treatment. Her maternal grandparents, Bernice and Arthur Stevens, were those from Austria, Jewish immigrants from Russia family. Her paternal grandparents, were Jewish immigrants of Israel. Natalie, the paternal grandmother, mania from Romania, paternal grandfather's maiden name Natalie, had a Zvi Yehuda Hershlag, was born in Poland in 1914, after the Palestine he was an economics professor in 1938, British mandate, parents of ZVI, which have been moved now Israel, in died at Auschwitz. Great grandmother of Natalie Romanian-born, was a spy for British intelligence during World War II. Her first name of the original Hebrew is a "story Lee".

Portman's parents met at the Jewish Student Center of Ohio State University where her mother was selling tickets. Her father returned to Israel, after her mother was married at the time, who visited a few years later, they matched. Portman in 1984 it was 3 years old, the family her father has moved the United States, which has received his medical training, to. Portman, the United States and Israel of dual citizen, although she is really love, my heart has said that state s of Jerusalem. I is where you feel at home. Portman and her family, but lived in the first Washington, DC, moved to Connecticu in 1988, followed in 1990, in Long Island, was immigration Jericho, New York.


In Washington DC, Portman attended the Charles · E. Smith Jewish Day School. Portman, to learn to speak Hebrew, while living in Long Island, was as a Jewish elementary school, Jericho, the Solomon Schechter Day School of Nassau County, New York. She Long Island in 1999, she graduated from Syosset Syosset High School, New Hyde Park, to learn the ballet and modern dance at the American Theater Dance Workshop in New York, attended the Usdan Center for creative , entertainment in Wheelersburg tree Heights, in both Long Island. Portman, her movie Star Wars Episode I premiere skip: The Phantom Menace, she will be able to study for the final test of her high school.

In 2003, Portman has a degree in psychology that I graduated from Harvard University in AB. University If you told the ruins, "she New York Post of my career. I'd rather be than the movie star to smart, I please do not bother. Harvard University, was a research assistant of Alan Dershowitz in Portman . While attending Harvard University, she is in response towards the Palestinians that it was a resident of Lowell House to Israel's actions in the important essay, wrote a letter to the Harvard Crimson.

Portman return to Israel, in the spring of 2004 to March 2006, took graduate courses of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, she Vendetta her film at Columbia University course of terrorism and counter-terrorism told about V, It was a guest lecturer in. Portman, and has professed an interest in foreign languages ​​from childhood, I have been studying French, Japanese, German, Arabic.

As a student, Portman, co-authored two research papers that have been published in scientific journals. Her 1998 high school paper, in order to demonstrate the enzyme production of hydrogen from "Sugar, a simple way, a" co-scientist Ian Harley and Jonathan Woodward, is entered in the Intel Science Talent Search users had at Harvard University during her psychology studies:. in 2002, she has contributed to the study of memory called "activation of the frontal lobe in persistent data objects from the near-infrared spectroscopy".