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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Amazing Graphics CDR designs

multi colour visiting card image

All Samples of files in CDR file:

To download any of them design please Download CDR file that are given in top of the page. Click Download Now and enjoy these 6 CDR designs.

In this design all objects that see in image are line work type you can change color of every objects easily if you can use coral draw. Replace Sample text into your own text and enjoy this beautiful and amazing design.


In this beautiful design you can made any change without any confusion because all objects of picture are line work. Replace sample text into your own and happy enjoy..!!


O Nice Beautiful Design Guitar vector design in this you can made any change According to your subscribers. Replace Sample Text to your own text and use this.




Professional Visiting Card Cdr File


We provide most beautiful cdr graphics for our visitors. I this post we made a most amazing professional visiting card cdr file the views of visiting card are given as pictures.